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Sunday, October 10, 2010


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Managed to get to the cinema a day after its premiere.
The fact that I'm that I'm able t
o make time for that surprised even me.

This is one of my peak seasons...yeah, and yet making time for hangouts in between is completely Legal!

"Someone reminded me I once said that Greed is Good. Now it seems it's Legal." -Gordon Gekko @Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Emerging from a lengthy prison stint, Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) finds himself on the outside of a world he once dominated. Looking to repair his damaged relationship with his daughter Winnie (Carrie Mulligan), Gekko forms an alliance with her fiancé Jacob (Shia LaBeouf), and Jacob begins to see him as a father figure.
BUT the question is can Jacob & W
innie trust him or more precisely- can they afford to?

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010




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Tue, 2009-09-01 14:57 — arshad

***I'm so glad we're connected through this post and even more glad that you, all of you actually have fun reading it! although we might never know each other, i'm comforted by the fact that at least through these writings we have crossed path :-)***

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


YOUR LAST 100- DAY OF 2009?**

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***'The Greatest Story Ever Told' recorded approx. 150 online views in just 3 weeks. That's a brilliant start.The best part is listening to all those inspiring email messages from all of YOU XD***

P.S. YOU have no idea how much we all dream the same dream, like the same car and eat the same cakes.....yummy yummy.....*grin*
(28th August 2009 Print Issue)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


16th of September- Malaysians! have a clue what day is it? Most won't know and many more won't care. But it's OUR day, people- Selamat Hari Malaysia!

While listening to a song that goes 'when i was small and christmas tree was tall.... yada yada', i felt compelled to post an old piece 'A M'sian Dilemma' which i believed i wrote it when i'm 18 together with Letter to Papa [which got featured in Malaysian Today lately=)]. Of course, there is a reason if it yet to reach your papers; guess what? That's your question dear not mine *haha*

This year National Day’s theme is by the name of ‘Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan’. If we were to deduct that unity and integration are to be the core of Malaysian success, then we are far from being there. This is a fact. Undeniable. Recent years’ happenings and incidents of us Malaysians hurting each other with unsolicited remarks and actions makes us wonder are we sure we are ready to take on the world when we can’t even control and restraint ourselves. We talked about corridors. We talked about the world tallest tower and the largest airport. We go all out to send our astronaut to space regardless of endless debate on the project’s benefits to the people and we go on arguing whether science and mathematics should be in a global language or in our national language. You can say that democracy is alive. You can preach about unity in diversity. Yes. But Malaysians and their unresolved ignorance are very obvious as well; making us laughing stock over and over again. We as Malaysians should for once refrain joining our passing the buck game because it is not fun and it shows even how much more ignorant we are. This is a joint responsibility of all Malaysians. Let’s stop this cycle of stupidity. Let’s put an end to the Malaysian dilemma.

The prime hinder to unity is echoed by the layman in the streets- they want equal rights, probably even more rights or at least the rights enshrined in the constitution is respected. Where is our sense and balance? Race or ethnicity is meant to serve as a classification of human species to simplify recognition of one another through grouping of similar distinctive features- it is supposed to make us know each other better and get along well but instead we as the fools we always are, dictated that race is meant for division not understanding and that some race is meant to be superior in terms of status and capabilities than another. We can conclude either that is arrogance, stupidity or inferiority complex, we do not know. We only acknowledged it as a disease and must be eradicated at all cost. Classification purposes are for instance I have two cats one is of Siamese breed and one is of Peking breed. My neighbour would love to have one of them. Should the cats are not given name nor specified breed, it would be difficult for my neighbour to clarify which is his interest but since there is specific classification and specific qualities, my neighbour could just say that he wants the black Siamese cat instead of saying he want that cat. Hence, the only possible usage of race is this, so anything else would be mere nonsense and extremist in nature. Race is for the sake of joy of knowing each other not to be taken seriously. We are all the same. We are Malaysians. Allow me to quote a student’s statement to a newspaper, ‘I do not want to be treated as a Guest whose presence is tolerated but as a Son whose presence is welcomed.’

Culture on the contrary is just as often a source of our misunderstanding. As you were reading this, kindly imagine back to the days when our ancestors created our culture- lets just say they decided wearing red shirt is a good sign and thus everyone beginning to wear red coloured items and apparels until today- they have fun doing so and enjoy doing it as when everybody is wearing red, it is not only prosperous in feeling but a sense of community is felt. Then, in current times, a boy defied the tradition and decided to wear a black shirt in an annual dinner with his parents and brothers but ended up getting a nice whacking and scolding for more than an hour- let me ask you- is it that the boy is being rebelliously creative or that others are being increasingly stubborn? Culture and tradition at their very nucleus are meant to express the creativity, fun of creation and developing a special identity for a certain community but as times go by, these fun and peaceful cultures are treated as dead rules and regulations that are meant to be followed and not to be broken. What is the matter if we want to add black colour as a new part of our culture just like how our ancestors are playing with their creativity, imagination and innovation. While this might not meant to suggest no social norms should be followed as in certain times just as a gesture of respect, it certainly implies not following them is nothing wrong and does not deserve any violent opposition because it is just as what itself should be- mere joy and self- formed identity which is sometimes too illusionary that some people think they will be in deep trouble abandoning their self- created- just- for- fun image and identity.

All great faiths at their very basis are the same and they demonstrate with unparallel statements of truth yet under human manipulation and influences all good is twisted until ended up misleading and incomprehensible to the man in the street much less to the younger ones in school. With all these added accessories, special positions, holy ingredients, racial- based worship places’ architecture, human superstition and ancient beliefs that are even discouraged by the faiths themselves yet they as human want, they justified the reasons as well. Some might say these are just mere expressions of the faiths. Fine. But if these mere ‘expressions’ are taken seriously by people instead of concentrating on the pure teachings, then there is a need to educate the public. Faiths which human says advocate ways not of peace and love have something to do with these people’s hidden interest to utilize religions for the good of certain quarters and they play on emotions and rationale of the majority of ignorant folks around. If a certain faith is said to divide us in any ways – politically, economically or socially, then perhaps there is certain people instead of the faith that yearn to divide us. We shall not entertain these people for they tarnished the good name of a reputable religion of well- being.

We shall not engage in any speculations as correction of our own ignorance and selfishness is probably the only way forward and towards development. So should we keep this in mind every time we are trying to throw our Slurpee plastic cup out of the window, every time we looked down on another just because of a mere difference in colour, culture and creed, every time we try to pick up more junk food, every time we engage in the popular gossip habits and every time we try to hurt the most people we love the most. Far we have came- 51 years of freedom; never dreamt by the previous fallen fighters of our country, when all races unite under one roof, one shelter from the rain that seems unending- taking care of each other, share our food and share our hopes even when others are loudly shouting that we are failing but we hold on tight and we know the impossible can be done and it will be done incredibly because we have each other.

***Yup, a 365-day went by....the issue that dogged us in 2008 still dogged us in 2009. It's not the time to sob and complain, it's time to think and act- What have you done and what will you do? and as always- in the moments of our decisions our country is built***

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Kemungkinan anda berfikir tajuk artikel ada 'typo' tetapi jauh dari kebarangkalian tersebut adalah kebenarannya yang MALAYSIASATU bukan sahaja 'typo-free' malah berfungsi sebagai kontra untuk tajuk artikel sebelum ini SATUMALAYSIA.

Faizal Tahir OIAM dengan kerjasama Audi Mok dan Nur Fatima mempersembahkan karya lagu 'Malaysia Satu'- dinobatkan juara Hot FM's Pertandingan Lagu Satu Malaysia Kita melalui undi anda semua mendahului 9 karya lain termasuk Jaclyn Victor dan Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. Lagu generasi baru ini pasti bakal mengegar tanahair; bak kata PM, "Ini ialah lagu oleh rakyat".

Ku teguh berdiri tiada lagi ragu atau gentar
Ku terus berani melangkah maju ke hadapan
Satu impian nyawaku pertaruhkan

Genggaman tanganmu,
semangatku terus membara
janji ku pada mu,
harapanmu ingin ku laksanakan

kau adalah ilham pada mereka yang ingin berjaya
Kau terus berjuang demi membawa perubahan
satu impian oh berjuta harapan

Genggaman tanganmu,
semangatku terus membara
janji ku pada mu,
harapanmu ingin ku laksanakan

Satu Malaysia,
kita inspirasi pada dunia
Nama kan dijulang,
kita menjadi kebanggaan
Satu wawasan bersama bergandingan..

Genggaman tanganmu,
semangatku terus membara
janji ku pada mu,
harapanmu ingin ku laksanakan.

*Satu Impian, Berjuta Harapan- Satu Malaysia*

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Sesungguhnya dalam persilangan jalan menuju wawasan, dalam kemelutan politik yang kian meninggalkan rakyat dalam delusi, dalam kebingungan ekonomi yang mencabar hidup dan emosi, dalam kesesatan sosial tanpa bimbingan penuh diskriminasi; Adakah dendangan lagu Negaraku masih mampu memberi makna kepada kita? Mampukah Negaraku mengajar bangsa bersatu berdepan realiti? Mampukah Negaraku membekal keyakinan memerdekakan rakyat?- Pengarang

**Sudah genap setahun blog tak berkarya; biar kembali dengan beraya.
Pengorbanan jangan diluka, Kianat janji hilang jasa, Ku mencari hati mulia, Aku sanjung pencinta bangsa....aku sanjung. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!**